Think Silicon @ Synopsys ARC Processor Summit Beijing

Think Silicon with great pleasure participated in the Synopsys ARC Processor Summit Beijing held on Wednesday, 15 November 2017 in Beijing, China.
The prototype, which was created by Think Silicon and Synopsys, of an ultra-low power Internet of Things (IoT) platform designed for connected wearable, mobile, and embedded display devices was showcased at this event. The prototype combines the best of Synopsys® technology sporting a DesignWare® ARC EM5D Processor with Think Silicon® products including NEMA®|p, NEMA®|DC, and NEMA®|GFX-API, resulting in a developer solution aimed at ultra-low power connected wearables and low-power embedded applications. Both companies have tools to assist developers in creating world-class products for a wide variety of markets. The Power Models of NEMA® GPUs (part of the NEMA® SW toolchain) were developed as part of the LPGPU2 EU-funded project.
Also, Dr. Iakovos Stamoulis, CTO at Think Silicon, made a presentation titled “Ultra-low Power 3D Micro-GPU for IoT-Class Devices” addressing how the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) market adds design challenges for engineers while discussing how the NEMA® Series of ultra-low power micro-GPU cores bridges this gap.

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