Spin Digital to present its latest developments in video rendering at PEGPUM-18

Spin Digital will be part of the PEGPUM workshop organized by the LPGPU2 consortium that will take place in Manchester from January 22ns to 24th 2018. 

Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa, CEO of Spin Digital, will present the latest developments in video decoding and rendering for ultra-high definition media player applications. Spin Digital has been working in further optimizations to is media player by implementing highly efficient pixel formats using compaction and lightweight texture compression techniques.

As a result of the new optimizations Spin Digital Media Player is now able to process higher resolutions, frame rates, and in general video with much higher quality using more compact and lower power computing systems.

On Monday January 22nd, Room 10: from 1:30-12:00 “H.265 Media Player for Ultra High Definition Applications: 4K, 8K, and beyond”. Mauricio Alvarez Mesa. Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH.

Don’t miss the rest of the PEGPUM workshop. More information here: http://lpgpu.org/wp/pegpum-2018/

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