Converting existing apps to work with the LPGPU2 Tool Suite

Many of our potential customers for LPGPU2 may have existing applications that they want to use with the tool. In order to do this some minor modifications are required (this is due to wanting the tool to support commercial devices that are not rooted) and we feel the minor inconvenience of modifying your app is outweighed by being able to profile on end user devices.

In order to provide a worked example of this, we have taken one of the apps that Samsung developed as part of the project that implements different font-rendering methods (CPU & GPU) and written a report that describes what the app does and how we modified it to work with the tool.


In subsequent posts we will provide details on the results of the CPU vs. GPU font rendering analysis and best practices for using the LPGPU2 Tool Suite if you haven’t created your application yet.



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