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Think Silicon is an R&D intensive SME founded in 2007 specializing in high performance – low power Graphics IP semiconductor modules. As a fabless company, Think Silicon focus is on the design, development and marketing of products and formation of strategic alliances to achieve synergies, help reduce the entry costs, increase brand awareness and reach target customers. Working closely with customers and silicon wafer manufacturers around the world, the company has built a strong portfolio of silicon proven products that includes GPUs, display processors, and graphics accelerators for the IoT, Wearable and broader display devices markets, and its growing demand for ultra-low power, area and memory constrained SoCs. Company’s customers are leading fabless semiconductor companies like Lattice Semiconductors and that Sequans Communications.

The LPGPU2 team from Think Silicon (from right to left): Georgios Keramidas, Katerina Pontzolkova, Ignacio Aransay, Konstantinos Alexiou, and Chrysa Kokkala


Georgios – currently serves as chief architect of the multi-core and highly multi-threaded eGPU of the company. He has a successful track record in delivering commercial projects as well as national and collaborative programmes. Georgios has published over 50 scientific papers in low power processors and memory designs and his work has over 600 citations. He holds five US patents, with another two pending. Georgios is technical coordinator of the LPGPU2 project and he leads Think Silicon LPGPU2 team.

Katerina – has a strong background in Android architecture for mobile systems. Since her employment in Think Silicon, Katerina implemented Android based FPGA prototypes and demonstrators in Zynq-based programmable SoCs. Her main research interests include operating system design, low-level kernel driver development, and GPU performance analysis techniques. Her skills consist of C, C++, and Java programming for graphics and embedded system development. Katerina earned a degree in Computer Engineering and Informatics from the University of Patras, Greece. She is working on the CodeXL-based profiling tools and benchmarking activities of the LPGPU2 project.

Ignacio – is a graphics software rngineer at Think Silicon. Ignacio research background includes computer architecture, embedded systems, and cloud computing, field in which he has an article published in IEEE. Since his employment at Think Silicon, he has contributed to the development of various low-level software modules for embedded graphics. Ignacio earned a degree in Telecommunications Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain and is an M.Sc candidate in Hardware and Software Integrated Systems from the University of Patras, Greece. He is working in the data capture infrastructure of the LPGPU2 project.

Konstantinos – is an embedded software engineer at Think Silicon. He has experience in C/ C++, CUDA, and Vulkan programming languages. During his employment in the company, he is working on the development of the software stack and Linux device driver of the Vulkan standard for Nema GPUs. Kostantinos earned a degree in Computer Engineering & Informatics from the University of Patras, Greece and an MSc from the same university. He is working on the application tasks from Think Silicon as part of LPGPU2.

Chrysa – is a senior IC designer in Think Silicon and specializes in architectural techniques for reusing calculations and in compression techniques for reducing power consumption and memory bandwidth in GPUs. Chrysa is inventor of three US patents, with two more patents pending. She earned a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Patras, and an MSc in Hardware and Software Integrated Systems from the same university. In the context of LPGPU2, Chrysa works on the low power-related features and the performance monitor architecture of the LPGPU2 tool.

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