LPGPU2 ends with excellent final review

November 27, 2018 the final review of the LPGPU2 project took place at the European Commission in Brussels. The Project Officer and the reviewers were impressed by the results of the project. Some quotes from the preliminary feedback: “… we have seen … also a set of good-quality and convincing demonstrations”, “It is also positive that companies have a clear business interest in the technologies developed in the project, …”, “Overall, the consortium demonstrated a deep know-how of power issues in modern computing architectures.”, “Scientific publications are good, …” and “… it might make sense to continue promoting the open source software.” The last quote is a clear indication that the EC and the reviewers hope that the work will be continued.

Below is a picture of the LPGPU2 team present at the review, but many other persons also contributed to the success of the project. From left to right: Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa (CEO Spin Digital), Nadjib Mammeri (research assistant TU Berlin), Sohan Lal (research assistant TU Berlin), Jan Lucas (previously research assistant at TU Berlin), Ben Juurlink (professor at TU Berlin and coordinator of the LPGPU2 project), Prashant Sharma (Samsung), Martyn Bliss (Samsung, media coordinator of LPGPU2), Thales Sabino (Codeplay), Ignacio Aransay Barreales (Think Silicon), Georgios Keramidas (CTO Think Silicon, technical coordinator of the project), and Haifeng Gao (Spin Digital).


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