LPGPU2 will be attending ISC’17

LPGPU2 will be attending the annual ISC High Performance Conference on Sunday 18th June – Thursday 22nd June, Frankfurt, Germany. Representing LPGPU2 at this year’s conference will be Prof. Ben Juurlink, Professor for Embedded Systems Architectures, TU Berlin & Jan-Lucas, TU Berlin. Prof Ben Juurlink will be giving an update on the LPGPU2 Project at the HiPEAC Booth on Monday 19th June – 15.00pm – 20.00pm.
‘Power efficiency is increasingly important for modern embedded and real-time systems. Heterogeneous systems featuring Multicores, GPUs and FPGAs provide the opportunity to achieve low power consumption. There are several projects within Horizon 2020 that deal with these challenges. LPGPU2 assists the application developer in creating software for low-power GPUs. The project addresses all aspects of performance and power analysis, from hardware power and performance counters, a framework that processes and visualizes performance and power data, to applications. The scientific approach of these projects focuses on modern embedded systems that combine heterogeneity, power efficiency and real-time features. This workshop is a first step towards a closer cooperation between these Horizon 2020 projects’.
ISC High Performance is recognized internationally for its strength in bringing together different academic and commercial disciplines to share knowledge in the field of high performance computing. With our first event dating back over 30 years, we’ve created a community spanning the globe. Over that period, we have welcomed attendees from over 80 countries, which has made ISC a highly diverse event.
But in other aspects our community is less diverse, especially with regards to gender. Women remain underrepresented in the STEM workforce, including that of HPC. This also is apparent at conferences like ISC, where only 10 to 15 percent of attendees are women. To help females who do work in our industry have a stronger representation at community gatherings, we have appointed STFC Hartree Centre’s Alison Kennedy as ISC 2017 Diversity Chair and introduced specific goals to increase gender diversity in our conference program. More on the conference can be found here: http://www.isc-hpc.com/diversity.html
We are always delighted to speak with anyone attending the event who is interested in what we are doing, so if you are attending, please come and say “hello”. Keep up to date on what we’ve been up to through – https://lpgpu.org/wp/ or you can also follow us on social media – sruklpgpu2 or through our YouTube channel – lpgpu2

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