New Starter at Samsung

Luke West is a scientific software developer with a background in applied mathematics spanning Engineering Simulation, Oil and Gas applications and Climate Science. He is rarely seen far from graphics, however, as much of his day to day work has been concerned with the visualisation of various types of scientific data: satellite measurements of sea-surface height for storm surge prediction, for example, or particle track animation methods for simulating oil-slicks. Luke also built a tool for 3D visualisation of millennium-scale climate predictions for investigating the ocean’s impact on global warming.


Luke also has a long-term interest in High Performance Computing, and says he watched with great interest as the emphasis shifted from flops-per-second to flops per Watt. Now he is looking forward to coding closer to the metal than ever before with the LPGPU2 Tools team at Samsung where he will be working on diverse applications to test and challenge the LPGPU profiler to its limits.


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