Think Silicon @CES2018

Think Silicon kicked-off successfully the new year at the Consumer Electronics Show  (@CES2018), in Las Vegas. CES is the place to be, when you are in the consumer electronics business and looking for the latest technology-trends and gadgets.

Think Silicon launched an ultra-low power Internet of Things (IoT) platform, created in cooperation with Synopsys. Designed to extend battery life of a wearable or embedded device for days (not for hours…) it runs just at 33MHz, yet still provides smartphone-like fast responsive graphics. The FPGA development platform contains a DesignWare® ARC EM5D Processor and Think Silicon’s® IP including a NEMA®|p single core GPU, NEMA®|DC Display-controller, and the NEMA®|GFX-API. The fully-fledged platform, is aimed to develop ultra-low power, connected wearables and low-power embedded (touch-) display devices.

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