Think Silicon optimizes GLOVE™ with the LPGPU2 Profiler tool

The LPGPU2 framework, extended by Think Silicon within the LPGPU2 project, enabled the optimization of GLOVE™, an open source middleware, which allows developers for Android™, Linux® and Windows® operating systems to run seamlessly OpenGL® ES on supported hardware by translating at runtime OpenGL ES API calls to Vulkan® API commands for that platform. The GLOVE™ demo was running on a ZC706 Evaluation Board using NEMA®|t, the smallest Internet-of-Things (IoT) Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) with 3D functionality. In depth analysis of the GLOVE™ software stack was performed by using the LPGPU2 tools CodeXL, SHIM and DC API on a Linux platform. The LPGPU2 tool performed a performance analysis, identifying bottlenecks and guided Think Silicon’s developers to achieve the best power-performance balance of the GPU, by statistically analyzing how the code runs inside the GPU. GLOVE™ is available for download from

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