Think Silicon® releases GLOVE™, an OpenGL ES over Vulkan middleware as open source

Think Silicon®, an LPGPU2 member, released GLOVE™ (GL Over Vulkan®), an open source middleware, which allows developers for Android™, Linux® and Windows® operating systems to run seamlessly OpenGL® ES on supported hardware by translating at runtime OpenGL ES API calls to Vulkan API commands for that platform.

Over the years the increased complexity of the driver’s implementation based on OpenGL and OpenGL ES led to the introduction of Vulkan, a lower-lever API that transfers much of the driver’s functionality to the application-side. Since direct transition to Vulkan requires in many cases increased efforts, the developers and vendors are forced to maintain driver support for both Vulkan and OpenGL.

GLOVE™ bridges this gap since developers have now the flexibility to seamlessly transition their software between these APIs, while vendors can discard duplicate OpenGL® ES drivers and rely solely on a lighter implementation of the Vulkan API. The software has been designed towards facilitating developers to easily build and integrate new features, allowing at the same time its further extension, portability and interoperability.

GLOVE™ is considered as a work-in-progress and is open-sourced under the LGPL v3 license through which it is provided as free software with unlimited use for educational and research purposes. Future planned extensions of GLOVE™ include the broader support for desktop and safety critical OpenGL applications.

GLOVE™ is available for download from



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