LPGPU2 becomes even smarter

New metrics to identify Regions of Interests are added

Think Silicon developed new ways to identify potential Regions of Interests (RoIs) and make the feedback engine of LPGPU2 tool more effective. Through the new functionalities of the LPGPU2 tool, it is now possible to identify RoIs based on the average value of either a hardware counter or a software performance counter within a frame. The user defines the desired threshold, which is then compared with the average value of the selected counter for each frame. This offers the opportunity firstly to identify the frames that do not have the expected performance behavior and then to proceed with the analysis of the highlighted frames in greater detail, detecting any specific performance problems. The tool also enables the user to easily locate frames with interesting features, e.g., the frames with the most memory accesses, with the most pipeline stalls, with the most z-buffer traffic, etc.

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