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LPGPU and Sycl at the Game/AI Technology Workshop

At the Game AI Conference 2014 held in Vienna/Austria , Codeplay Ltd. and KG teamed up again to deliver multiple talks about applying OpenCL and SYCL to creating massively parallel AI. The presentations by Bjoern Knafla (Codeplay), Gordon Brown (Codeplay) and Alex Champandard (AiGameDev) were featured on the first day the conference as part of the Technology Workshop on July 7th, to a sold-out audience of some of the best developers from Europe and beyond.




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At the Game Developers Conference 2014, both Codeplay Ltd. and KG gave a presentation about applying OpenCL and SYCL to creating massively parallel AI. This joint talk by Alex Champandard and Andrew Richards was featured on the first day of the AI Summit, in front of a room of approx. 300 developers.

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The Game/AI Conference took place last week on September 18th to 19th, bringing together the world’s leading game developers interested in artificial intelligence in Vienna. organized the event, which featured two complementary workshops on the 17th and 20th on the topics of behavior logic and character animation. Both Codeplay and presented details about optimizing AI and animation algorithms at these workshops, resulting from work on the LPGPU project.

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At the Game Developer’s Conference earlier this month, the team gave a presentation on terrain reasoning, tactical behavior and squad logic as implemented in modern action/combat games. The underlying algorithms of the presentation, the reasoning itself, as well as the AI logic for the behaviors were developed as part of the LPGPU project to develop industry-grade benchmarks of game AI — as seen in the games industry.

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AI Benchmarks Phase #1 is pleased to announce the release of its two first AI demos, Rushing Bases and Jail Tag, which are currently available to its PREMIUM members. The prototypes, developed within the scope of the LPGPU project, emphasize computationally intensive algorithms that can be used as full-featured benchmarks for the upcoming research and experiments with compiler technology and hardware designs.

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