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F2F Video Interviews #3: Katerina Pontzolkova Think Silicon

Katerina is a fairly new member to LPGPU2 and to Think Silicon. Find out more about her here:

F2F Video Interviews #2: Ben Juurlink Prof. Dr. TUB

Watch this video and find out more about Ben and TUB:



(Another) New Starter at Codeplay

Kavan is currently studying at the University of Glasgow towards an MSc in Computing Science. He will be working on the remote profiling of various devices. Outside of work, he works on various side projects, enjoys participating in running marathons and is an avid gamer.

New-ish starter at Codeplay

Illya is a generalist programmer with 20+ years of experience who has worked for Codeplay Software as a Principle Engineer since 2013 overseeing the development of tools chains for automotive semiconductor customers. He is also the editor for the newly formed Safety Critical Advisory Panel (SCAP) in Khronos, the open standards body for OpenCL compute and OpenGL ES2.0 SC. Illya has a BSc (Hons) degree (in Electrical and Electronics Engineering) by the University of Surrey (UK) following a 4 years electronics apprenticeship at the MoD Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough (UK). After university he spent 12 years programming games, tool chains and profilers for major games consoles like Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe followed by further 2 years in a Scottish indy games company improving performance and implementing anti-hack solutions for their open world multiplayer online video game.

When not coding illya gets out on his mountain bike as much as he can be exploring and riding trails both locally and the far reaches of Scotland. Often making videos of those excursions and posting up in Youtube to share.



First Vulkan Capture!

Today we performed our first full Vulkan capture of a LunarG Vulkan sample app ‘Draw-textured’cube’. See it all happen here:




F2F Video Interviews #1: Georgios Keramidas CSO Think Silicon

Watch this video and discover more about Georgios!


The importance of profiling automation

Pablo Zurita has written an excellent post regarding the need for profiling automation when working on games:

Pablo’s article is definitely worth reading and it’s also worth considering that we can apply this methodology to applications other than games.

In the context of LPGPU2 we support one of his key recommendations which is the ability to export trace files for use in automated systems where performance metrics (of the captured data) can be tracked across builds / releases. LPGPU2 intends to go further and leverage general purpose scripts to analyse the collected data and then provide targeted feedback to the user on ways to improve his application code, and/or highlight systemic issues.


(Another) New Starter at Samsung!

Borja graduated from Universidad de Cantabria with an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering. He is currently working towards his PhD on heterogeneous systems. As a researcher in Universidad de Cantabria, Borja has taken part in the Mont-Blanc project. His work has focused on load balancing of OpenCL applications, so they make the most of the available resources. As part of his PhD, he has also dealt with low level aspects of the architecture of GPUs, such as the memory hierarchy.

Borja will be working on the feedback task, adding intelligence into scripts that can be used to analyse applications for behavioural patterns and provide suggestions on how best to improve their performance.

When not at work, he loves films, reading and hiking. He is also a poor guitar player and an amateur beer brewer.


New starter at Samsung!

Julian Graduated from Manchester University with an MSc in Digital Design following on from an Electronics Engineering degree in Edinburgh University. He initially worked in the professional audio sector developing one of the first generations of DSP mixing consoles. From there has worked in various industry areas such as semiconductor, consumer, STB, automotive, telecoms where has been involved in hardware, firmware and embedded software development. Has a history of working closely to hardware layers such as driver development, device bring-up and stack interface. More recently has been working with NFC (kernel driver development), system vulnerabilities and camera subsystem on an Android based Qualcomm platform(with proprietary ISP) to achieve performance optimisations.

He will help support Martyn and the LPGPU2 team by working on extending and solidifying the implementation of the Host and Target components.

In his spare time enjoys travelling, thrash metal and has an interest in pretty much anything with an engine and wheels – he is a keen biker.

LPGPU2 F2F concludes after another successful meeting

The LPGPU2 attendees took time out from the busy schedule in order to pose for a quick picture.

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