Berlin F2F Oct 2016

Image © TUB 2017

The LPGPU2 consortium had another very successful face-to-face meeting in Berlin on October 25 and October 26, 2016.

Most of the time was spent reviewing presentations from all beneficiaries on their current status and upcoming plans and deliverables. It also provided a welcome opportunity for everyone to meet the new members of the LPGPU2 team.

Present at the meeting were Ben Juurlink  Jan Lucas, Sohan Lal and Nadjib Mammeri  from TUB, Simon Brand, Luke Iwanski, and Mehdi Goli from Codeplay, Georgios Keramidas, and Ignacio Aransay from Think Silicon,  Prashant Sharma, Albert Saa-Garriga, and Martyn Bliss from Samsung, and Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa from Spin Digital.


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