Samsung adds a new team member!

Alistair has been a software engineer for almost 20 years. After graduating from Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University, Alistair started working for a Games company in Gateshead. One project he worked on was “Le Mans 24 hours” racing game, which used a lot of code written by Codeplay’s Andrew Richards! Alistair then moved to working at 3Dlabs, validating their graphics hardware before moving into the media team, writing video codec drivers. Following this, Alistair worked at Intel on several GPU based projects, from Android and Windows codec drivers, to capturing graphics hardware state on OSX. Alistair has now joined the LPGPU2 Team at Samsung.

Alistair will be working on extending the supported API’s across the supported platforms and whatever else Martyn asks him too.

 His interests are: travelling, gardening, classic cars (if only the garage was bigger!) and music (collecting vinyl, and gigging).


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