New-ish starter at Codeplay

Illya is a generalist programmer with 20+ years of experience who has worked for Codeplay Software as a Principle Engineer since 2013 overseeing the development of tools chains for automotive semiconductor customers. He is also the editor for the newly formed Safety Critical Advisory Panel (SCAP) in Khronos, the open standards body for OpenCL compute and OpenGL ES2.0 SC. Illya has a BSc (Hons) degree (in Electrical and Electronics Engineering) by the University of Surrey (UK) following a 4 years electronics apprenticeship at the MoD Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough (UK). After university he spent 12 years programming games, tool chains and profilers for major games consoles like Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe followed by further 2 years in a Scottish indy games company improving performance and implementing anti-hack solutions for their open world multiplayer online video game.

When not coding illya gets out on his mountain bike as much as he can be exploring and riding trails both locally and the far reaches of Scotland. Often making videos of those excursions and posting up in Youtube to share.



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