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Spin Digital presents recommended systems for 8K playback

Spin Digital Media Player (Spin Player) is based on a highly optimized HEVC decoder and video rendering engine. This software solution allows to play 8K video using compact and cost-effective PC systems.

Spin Digital 8K Media Player

Spin Digital has published a set of recommendations of PC configurations for 8K video playback, and we also describe 8K display set-ups using commercially available 8K TVs and monitors. Read more »

Spin Digital at IBC 2018 in Amsterdam with a New 8K Media Player Demo

Spin Digital will demonstrate at IBC 2018 a new version of its media player (Spin Player) for emerging applications such as 8K IP streaming for contribution and distribution, playback of 8K master files, and playback of 16K immersive media and 360° video.

The demonstration will take place from September 14 to 18 at the Amsterdam RAI at Hall 1 Booth 1.F11.

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SES demonstrates 8K video via Satellite in partnership with Spin Digital

SES, a world-leading satellite operator, will be broadcasting an 8K television signal via its satellite system for the first time during its annual SES Industry Days, taking place on May 23rd and 24th in Luxembourg.

For this demonstration SES has partnered with Spin Digital, which developed the expertise to decode and playback 8K HEVC signals in real-time using a software solution, and also encoded the content using its HEVC encoder. In addition, SES teamed up with Sharp / UMC, which is providing the 8K screens. Read more »

Spin Digital Presenting an 8K demo at After NAB Show 2018 in Tokyo

After NAB

Spin Digital will present a new demonstration of its 8K media player at the AfterNAB show in Japan. The event will take place from May 23rd to May 24th at the UDX Gallery in Akihabara, Tokyo. The demonstration is presented a the TJC booth. Read more »

Spin Digital to present an 8K Media Player Demonstration at NAB 2018

Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH (Spin Digital) will participate at NAB 2018 from April 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center at South Upper Hall, Booth SU13612. A demonstration of Spin Digital’s Media Player for 8K video is going to be presented.

Spin Digital at NAB 2018

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Spin Digital to present its latest developments in video rendering at PEGPUM-18

Spin Digital will be part of the PEGPUM workshop organized by the LPGPU2 consortium that will take place in Manchester from January 22ns to 24th 2018.  Read more »

Spin Digital at InterBEE 2017 in Tokyo

Spin Digital Video will participate at InterBEE 2017 from November 15-17 at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, at the booth 8105.

Spin Digital at InterBEE Tokyo

Spin Digital is going to present demonstrations of the new versions of its HEVC solutions including: 8K media player and SDK. Read more »

Spin Digital participating at the QLED and HDR10+ Summit at IFA Berlin

IFA SummitSpin Digital is participating at the QLED & HDR10+ Summit at IFA 2017 event that takes places in Berlin on Sept 1st.

This event is focused on emerging display technologies including Quantum Dot, HDR and Wide Color Gamut. Organized by Insight Media and sponsored by Samsung, the Summit is a meeting for industry specialists working on the latest video technologies.

Spin Digital HEVC Media Player and encoder include support for High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut, and Spin Digital is working with several partners in the media industry for having complete workflows for next generation UHD video. Read more »

Spin Digital at IBC 2017

Spin Digital at IBC 2017Spin Digital Video Technologies GmbH (Spin Digital) will present at IBC 2017 a new generation of its advanced HEVC/H.265 software solution for ultra-high definition video. A demonstration will be presented from September 15-19 at the Amsterdam RAI at Hall 1 Booth 1.F11.

Spin Digital is going to present a new version of its media player, capable of processing very high quality HEVC/H.265 video including 8K at 120 fps. Additional software optimizations allow to reach even higher performance (higher bitrate) or be able to process 8K using smaller, lower power computing systems. Read more »

Spin Digital presented an 8K demo at After NAB in Tokyo

Spin Digital presented an 8K HEVC video playback demonstration at After NAB 2017 that took place from June 1st to June 2nd 23rd 2017 at the Akihabara UDX Center in Tokyo. ELSA Booth.

Spin Digital HEVC/H.265 software media player is capable of reproducing ultra-high quality 8K at 60 frames per second with support for Wide Color Gamut. A new 8K monitor, kindly provided by from Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., that supports the BT.2020 color space for Wide Color Gamut was used to showcase ultra-high quality 8K video content.

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