Getting to know….Samsung

The LPGPU2 Team from Samsung (left to right) Hugo, Rob, Albert, Martyn, Lee, Prashant, and Paul.

Hugo – Born in the remote islands of the Azores, Hugo loves writing software with high-performance requirements. Hugo has a vast experience gained through Samsung Research ranging from user-interface frameworks and operating systems. His interest in graphics hardware does not end here, already developed several graphics performance optimizations and new solutions for Samsung products.

Hugo has lately been researching and developing new algorithmic solutions that take advantage of the latest graphics hardware to deliver more efficient text rendering and general-purpose graphics in the context of LPGPU2.

Rob – An electronics Engineer with 20 years’ experience in HW and SW design on GPUs and Mobile SOCs. Currently managing the Samsung UK LPGPU2 team.

Albert – received his BSc degree in Computer Science and MSc degree in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence.  The focus of his doctoral research was the generation of a set of tools exploiting parallel and heterogeneous computing to speed up and increase the energy efficiency of sequential source codes through source-to- source compilers, which translate code from one programming language to another.  After finishing his PhD studies he joined Samsung Electronics as a Senior Research Engineer. His main research interests include AR, VR, parallel computing, source to source compilers and computer vision systems.

He has been collaborating on LPGPU2 project with the implementation and optimization of a set of AR based applications running on an Android device.

Martyn – has almost 30 years’ experience in a variety of industries with the primary focus of his work being performance optimization and/or graphics & multimedia. He has worked at all levels in the stack: kernel optimizations, device drivers, middleware, and applications. He has written code for ultrasound machines, cars, helicopters, submarines, business applications, HD-DVD, smart phones and many more. When not reading about performance optimization he can be found thinking about it.

Martyn is the tools lead and website coordinator for LPGPU2.

Lee – A software engineer with over 20 years’ experience in the 3D graphics, image processing and embedded simulation markets. He has designed and written systems ranging from microcontroller driven control panels to embedded naval simulations and 360 degree surveillance systems. At Samsung he has contributed to the Dali embedded 3D UI Toolkit, a web based 3D UI Builder and currently works on the data capture infrastructure for LPGPU2.

Prashant – joined Samsung in 2010 and currently works as a Technology Manager at Samsung R&D Institute UK. His main experience is in mobile graphics, android framework, OpenCL, mobile virtual reality and gaming. He has masters in software engineer from University of Oxford, UK and graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. He is leading the application task from Samsung as part of LPGPU2.

Paul – has been either a H/W & S/W or S/W & H/W engineer, depending on the main role, for close to 30 years. In this time he has worked on Aircraft Simulators (6 DOF full flight simulation, Cockpit procedure trainers, etc.), gained a first class MEng degree in Microelectronics & S/W Engineering at Newcastle Upon Tyne, and worked at Samsung for almost 20 years working on mobile phone H/W design (10 years), including writing test suite to exercise the H/W, and for the remainder coding drivers (RTOS or Kernel), or applications for Orange IM or Performance Analysis Tools. Paul works on the host elements of the data capture currently.

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