Samsung adds a new team member

Paul has been either a H/W & S/W or S/W & H/W engineer, depending on the main role, for close to 30 years. In this time he has worked on Aircraft Simulators (6 DOF full flight simulation, Cockpit procedure trainers, etc.), gained a first class MEng degree in Microelectronics & S/W Engineering at Newcastle Upon Tyne, and worked at Samsung for almost 20 years working on mobile phone H/W design (10 years), including writing test suite to exercise the H/W, and for the remainder coding drivers (RTOS or Kernel), or applications for Orange IM or Performance Analysis Tools.

Paul will be working on the host elements of the data capture infrastructure initially and will then be working in any/all areas as required.

His interests are: skiing (just back from skiing in Park City Utah for two weeks), cycling (for work and leisure), gym, Sci-Fi (TV and Films)


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