A Technology Transfer Project has been awarded to AES – TU Berlin and Think Silicon

A technology transfer project called “eGPU accelerated HEVC/H.265 video decoder” has been awarded to AES TU Berlin and Think Silicon. The project is financed by TETRACOM (Technology Transfer in Computing Systems), a coordination action funded by the European Commission under the FP7 program.

 In this project, researchers from AES TU Berlin and Think Silicon will work together on the design of a HEVC/H.265 video decoder optimized for Think Silicon embedded GPU (eGPU). The main goal is to have a complete solution for embedded video applications that requires very low power consumption. The project will have a duration of 4 months starting from September 1st 2014. TU Berlin and Think Silicon will work together on the commercialization of the resulting products.

The AES group of TU Berlin (www.aes.tu-berlin.de) conducts research on computer architecture, ranging from low-power embedded systems to massively parallel high-performance systems. One of its main research lines consists of the efficient mapping of video (de)coding applications onto parallel computing systems. The group has developed an ultra fast HEVC/H.265 decoder optimized for multicore architectures.

Think Silicon (www.think-silicon.com) was founded in 2007 and specializes in designing and developing Mobile Computer Graphics Solutions for low-end and mid-end portable devices. On 2014 Think Silicon released a new embedded graphics processing unit called the Nema GPU. Nema GPU is a scalable, manycore, multi-threaded, state-of-the-art, data processing design blending both graphics rendering and general computing capabilities.

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